On Hallowe’en Night, One Thousand Years Ago…

“(It was) beheld at Maistiu one battalion of (demons) which was destroying Leinster….. For there was a sword of fire out of the gullet of each of them, and every one of them was as high as the clouds of heaven.” ⁃ A vision witnessed on Samhain, The Annals of Tigernach*

The Hunters of Souls Part One: An Old Irish Curse

So… as I read more and more excellent posts by fellow bloggers I get more ideas for topics here, and it’s become something of a heaping backlog; I still need to write about the Irish blacksmith goddess, water horses, Edern ap Nudd, portrayals of the cyclops in Celtic literature, and a host of others thingsContinue reading “The Hunters of Souls Part One: An Old Irish Curse”

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